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RFI / EMI Fan Filters

General Specifications for RFI/EMI Fan Filters

“The Filter Factory” exclusively develops RFI/EMI fan filters for air filtration. These products consist of a finger guard, wire mesh media and retainer. This exclusive air filtration product is available in injection molded Latamid 66 H2 K/40™. Latamid is a heat stabilized, 40% carbon fiber with reinforced nylon 66 resins.

Features of Latamid Carbon-Based Filter for air filtration include

Fits Fan Size
60 mm 2.36” (60.0mm) 1.97” (50.0mm) .25” (6.4mm)
80 mm 3.14” (80.0mm) 2.81” (71.4mm) .25” (6.4mm)
92mm 3.62” (92.0mm) 3.25” (82.6mm) .25” (6.4mm)
120mm 4.69” (119.1mm) 4.13” (105.0mm) .25” (6.4mm)

($25 Minimum Order)

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