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Aluminum Fan Filters

General Specifications for Aluminium Fan Filters

Aluminum fan filters provide RFI/EMI efficient air filtration and minimal air restriction. Aluminum fan filters are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

Media Options

3030 or 1618

Aluminum screen wire material, similar to window screen. 1618 is 16 x 18 per sq. inch, 3030 is 30 x 30 per square inch.

EX: Expanded aluminum. Diamond pattern with .345" wide diamonds.

MM: Mini or Micromesh, also a form of expanded aluminum, but with diamond widths of only about 0.025".

F: Layer of 45 PPI polyurethane foam

Finish Options

MF = Mill Finish
AB = Anodize Black
*IC = Irridite Clear
*IG = Irridite Gold

* Aluminum Fan Filters are available only with aluminum screen wire

Fits Fan Size
60 mm
80 mm
92 mm
120 mm

162 mm

 ** These sizes and styles available without “dimples” or hole depressions

($25 Minimum Order)
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